Best World of Warcraft Guides

The following product has received more great reviews than any other guide from a huge number of WoW Blackbook subscribers, I recommend that you check it out:

Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide 

Best Overall World of Warcraft Guide - Ultimate World of WarCraft Guide
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I strongly recommend that you check out The Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide. What I love about this guide is that it contains comprehensive Horde and Alliance leveling guides AND how to make 200g+/hour gold guide, plus professions guide, beginners guide, class talent / gear guide, macro guide and more. Also it is regularly updated, which is really important as WoW changes all the time.

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These other guides are also VERY good and worth checking out. I've looked at over 20 World of Warcraft Strategy Guides (in which you'll learn leveling secrets, gold secrets and a lot more) and these are the best of the best:

Best Gold Guide

Best Gold Guide - Gold Secrets
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Gold Secrets is a comprehensive gold guide where an experienced World of Warcraft gamer shows you how to make up to 200 Gold per hour so you'll never have to buy gold again (without using hacks or risking getting banned).

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Best Horde Guide

Best Horde Guide - Joana's 1-70 Horde Guide
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First of all, please note this is a leveling guide for the Horde side only. One of the great things that I love about this guide is that you also get to watch a video of Joana leveling from 1-60 in less than 5 days. So if there is any part of playing that you are unclear about from reading the guide (and it is well written), you can just go and watch Joana playing and see how it is done. Joana also teaches how to level from 60-70 in the updated version of her guide.

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Best Alliance Guide

Best Alliance Leveling Guide - Team Demise Alliance Leveling Guide
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This top-notch Alliance leveling guide was written by the former world record holder for leveling. What is amazing about this guide is that it is an in-game guide. You install it as a plug in (completely legal) and you can reference to the guide while you are playing the game, without ever leaving it!

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Best Professions Guide

Best Professions Guide: Penn's world
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This comprehensive professions guide shows you how to level your professions faster and easier than you possibly could on your own. You'll find out what recipes to level on, the best places to farm for the materials you need for the recipes, and more. All professions are covered from 1 to 375, including Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Engineering, Herbalism, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking, Mining, Skinning, Tailoring, Cooking, First Aid and Fishing.

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