World of Warcraft Paladin Guide

Dugi's Ultimate WoW GuideThe WoW Paladin is probably one of the most unique classes that combines physical ability with magic to create a very powerful force. The Paladin class is the most popular class for a reason. It’s considered the holy warrior that excels not only at melee fighting but also in healing, spell casting and tanking or taking hits for other players. Groups need at least one Paladin if they want to have a successful endgame and playing this class at least once is highly recommended.

Getting Started

Once you have made the decision to play as a Paladin, you’ll need to pick the race for your character. Elves and humans are popular choices, but since this is a hybrid class, your options are pretty open. It’s a good idea to start out with the race that you are most comfortable with since this is a versatile class.

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You’ll have to master both weaponry and healing if you want to excel as a Paladin, but it is well worth your time. This is a great class to pick if you’re not really sure which professions you want to try or which style of warfare suits you best. You can try both ranged and melee as a Paladin, until you find the one that is right for you.

Paladins rely heavily on mana, so you are going to want to manage this appropriately to get the most of out of this class. It will be depleted when you cast a spell or when you are in a battle, so make sure that you don’t lose too much. This will result in a loss of health points and it does take quite a while to rejuvenate your character when it drops too low.

The Tools of the Paladin

In addition to the typical armor and weapons, the Paladin class has some unique tools that are beneficial to the entire group. Let’s take a look at each one:

Auras - These are very powerful and can be used to protect just the Paladin or the entire group. They will protect the group within a 30 yard radius, so it is very effective to use one of these while you are conducting a raid. The best way to use auras is to have multiple Paladins in a group so that different auras can be used at the same time. Otherwise, only one can be used at any one time.

Seals - These are a special kind of spell that is also unique to the Paladin class. They are used for either regeneration or to increase your skills during a battle. Only one can be used at any one time, but when managed properly, they can be very useful. You can also use Seals against your enemies. In this case, they usually have the opposite effect of what they would grant to you. For example, if you have a healing seal on yourself, it would deplete the health of your enemy when used on them.

Blessings - This is the last unique item for a Paladin but it is incredibly powerful. A Paladin can use blessings to bestow certain gifts on an entire group or just themselves. The effects of a blessing can last up to fifteen minutes in some cases and can provide extra strength, extra health or even extra skills.

To read on about the skills of the Paladin, picking a profession, putting it all together and more, see WoW Paladin Guide (page 2).

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