World of Warcraft Warlock Guide

Ultimate WoW GuideMany players make the mistake of avoiding this class since it isn’t considered to be one that excels at combat fighting, but in actuality, when played correctly, this is a fearsome class that can do a lot of damage. If you are interested in playing WoW a little bit differently, this is definitely a class to try.

Although it is true that the Warlock is not necessarily a class that is meant for hand to hand combat, they are incredibly powerful. In the game lore, the Warlock is a class that used to be a mage before turning to the dark side. They use demons, pets and spells to inflict tremendous amounts of damage. When you are playing this class, you’re going to want to focus more on the skills of stalking your enemy, dealing out damage over time and the favorite, good old fear tactics.

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Getting Started

Once you’ve made the decision to give this class a shot, you’re going to need to know some basics. First, the Warlock’s pet is one of its best assets. These pets function for a Warlock much like they do for a Hunter. They deal out close range damage and tank (take damage) for their master. This allows the Warlock to stand back away from the action, casting spells, and avoiding harm.

If you like up close hand to hand combat, this is not a good class for you. However, if you like more of a strategy based, skilled method of playing the game, the Warlock will suit you quite well. When you first start out, your Warlock won’t be all that powerful, but as you level up, you will increase in skill and experience. Once you are able to get a pet, the game will really change in your favor.

Once you reach level 40, you’ll get your first mount and this is the point that the game will really change in your favor. Soon, you’ll be able to get your own epic mount through questing, but the one you get at first is still incredibly capable.

Tools of the Trade

Since the Warlock isn’t into hand to hand combat, your weapons are going to be your spells. It is vital to remember that once you cast a spell, you cannot move. If you do change your position, the spell will fail and you will place yourself in danger.

The main resource for a Warlock is their mana. This is used for a spell and will be depleted each time one is cast. However, unlike any other character, the Warlock has the ability to convert their HP into useable mana. This can make quite a difference in the middle of a battle.

Picking a Profession

You’re not going to want to waste your time on professions like blacksmithing, skinning or fishing. The best professions for a Warlock are herbalism, enchanting and alchemy. Tailoring is also a very good choice since you will need cloths for your spell casting. It is a good idea to pick a very strong primary profession that will be supported by a secondary profession.

For example, you can combine mining and alchemy to save money on the components that you’ll need for your spells. You can also combine herbalism and alchemy to make not only potions for yourself but others as well. This is probably the easiest way for a Warlock to earn money quickly.

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