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The Ultimate World Of Warcraft GuideThe way that you level up in WoW will depend on the type of character that you are playing as well as the side you choose, Alliance or Horde. For this wow leveling guide, we’re going to take a look at how to take your Human character from level 1 to 30 in the Alliance. While some of these tips may work for other races, you may need to have different information for some of the quests.

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Getting Started

Once you’ve set up your game and you’re on level one, you’re ready to get started. The very first place you’ll start is Elwynn Forest in the North Shire Glade. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself a little with the area first. Now, you’ll notice some wolves running around Kill the wolves and keep at it until you notice that you’ve reached level three. That wasn’t so hard, was it?

Now that you’re at level three, it’s a good time to repair any damage and equip your self with some new armor. This will come in handy later on. You’re now ready to go on your first actual quest. It’s a good idea to select the quest: A Threat Within, and then its follow-up Kobold Camp Cleanup. After you’ve completed these, you’ll be ready to take on two more quests, Eagen Peltskinner and Wolves Across the Border.

To get to level four, you may need to grind some more wolves until you have picked up 8 Though Wolf Meat items. You can also grind Kobold’s Vermins to get to level four. Once you’re there, you’ll need to turn in your quests and then take the next one that is offered to you. To quickly level up to five, grind the Kobold Workers in the area.

By completing the next seven quests you get, you’ll be advanced to level seven. These quests are all quite easy and should not take more than a few hours at the very most to complete. It’s a good idea to grind whenever you can to help you move up even faster.

To get from level seven to thirty is a pretty straightforward process. Simply take all the quests that are offered to you and turn them in to get the follow-ups. You can also grind to help your score increase and to earn more experience points. However, you’re going to need to get some specific items if you want to level up quickly. We’ve included a list of these below;.

Items You Absolutely Must Have:

Although it’s very simple to get to this point, there are a few items that you will absolutely need to have to keep advancing quickly. Here’s what you need and where to find them:

Level Six - North Shire Valley

Kill the Defias Thug and collect 12 red burlap bandanas
Find Gerrick Padfoot. Kill him and loot his head.

Level Seven - Goldshire

Kill the Stonetusk Boars until you have 4 pieces of meat
Find Goldtooth. You will need to kill him and then loot the item named Bernice’s necklace.

Level Eight - Goldshire

The Gnome’s workshop in the Operation Recombobulation Quest contains a special chest that you will need to find. This is called Rumbleshot’s Ammo. Take this crate.

Level Nine - Yeti Cave

You will need to grind the Yeti’s until you have collected at least eight Wendigo’s Manes.

Go back outside and find the gnomes. Start grinding until you have collected eight Restablization Cogs and Eight Gyromechanic Gears.

Level Ten

Find Frosmane Hold and then after you have killed everything in sight, find the cave in the mountain above you. When you go inside, you’ll find a basket of Shimmerweed. Take the basket.

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