World of Warcraft Mage Guide

Ultimate WoW GuideAlthough most players prefer to pick a class that is more capable when it comes to combat situations, the mage is still a popular class in this game. If you enjoy using more skill and dealing with spells as opposed to up close and personal melee fighting, this is the perfect class for you. You’ll have a few options as to the race that you pick for your character, and it’s a good idea to take some time on this decision since it can affect the way you perform in the game. Remember, mages are not physically strong, so it’s a good idea to pick a race that is pretty capable in its own right.

After you’ve picked the race and faction for your character and select your mage class there are a few things you’ll need to know before you get going.

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Getting Started in the Mage Class

First and foremost, the mage class has only cloth armor. This is a distinct disadvantage, particularly since you’re not going to have a lot of power when you first start. It’s important to remember this when you first start playing so you don’t have to start over. The mage’s strengths are in distance fighting and they really don’t have any place in a melee situation. You’ll need to make sure that you avoid ambushes, especially early on in the game. It is interesting to note that most female characters end up being mages.

Once you get to this point, it will be time to pick your profession. It’s a good idea to go with one that matches well with a mage’s inherent abilities. For example, the top three professions for this class are alchemy, enchanting and herbalism. Some mages like to throw in fishing and cooking for fun, but the first three are generally going to be your best bet.

If you plan to do some grinding, you can select skinning, but this really isn’t a good fit for the character. A good secondary profession for a mage is a tailor since you’ll need to make cloth armor. This is a good fit when you have enchanting as your primary profession. Blacksmithing, leatherworking and mining are really not well suited for this class.

Skills of the Mage

As the name would suggest, the strength that this race has is in magic. You’re going to want to spend extra time learning spells and getting as much training as possible if you want your character to be effective. You’ll also need to work on spells for defense, since you really won’t have many skills when it comes to protecting yourself. For the first few levels your only weapons will be a wand and some staves so this is a skill that you’re going to want to learn right off the bat.

There are three main types of spells that a mage can use: Arcane, Fire or Frost. When used properly, these are incredibly effective at stopping an enemy. However, it is important to be as far away from the action as you can, simply because the risks of being injured or killed are so high in this class. You’ll also want to ration your mana and your health since spells will take their toll on these levels. If you let your mana get too low, you’ll lose health points.

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