World of Warcraft Shaman Guide

Ultimate WoW GuideThe World of Warcraft Shaman can be a very powerful character, if it is played the right way. Although they are not particularly powerful as fighters or as spell casters, they are an integral member of any group and their skills are incredibly useful. While they are considered a middle of the road class in many cases, it can still be well worth your time to give this class a try.

The most important thing to remember before you start as a Shaman is that your own skills will need to mesh well with this type of class and that you will need to find a group that has a need for a Shaman. On their own, they are not very powerful, but in a group setting, their abilities are very necessary and can bring more strength to the entire group.

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Getting Started as a Shaman

When you first select this class, you’ll be pretty limited as to the race of character that you are allowed to play. For the Alliance, only the Dranei can be Shamans. On the Horde side, it is limited to Orc, Trolls, the Undead or Tauren. This does mean that you will have to learn to accept some of these races weaker points, but they do have benefits in the long run that can be useful.

Like most classes that deal more in spells or potions than actual physical battle, you are going to need to learn how to use your mana in the right way. Each time you do cast a spell, you will lose mana points. It’s up to you to decide how you want to expend them. It’s a best to take a moderate approach, avoiding using too much or too little. Both have their down sides and it is best to try to use a medium amount of mana when it is necessary. Otherwise, you’ll either spend all of your time trying to regenerate or you will lose your valuable health points.

Remember, this is not a class that is going to do well with Melee fighting. You’ll need to focus on building up your spell arsenal as well as ranged weapons. It is also vital to learn healing spells since this is the area that Shamans are usually called upon, especially in a group setting. If you want to be an asset to your group, which you need for protection, it is best to learn all of the healing spells and potions that you can.

Picking a Shaman Profession

Herbalism and enchanting are by far the best professions for this class. It’s probably not a good idea to waste your time on the more physical professions like leatherworking or blacksmithing. Skinning can be useful but only to a small degree. It’s also important to find the right mix of primary and secondary professions.

The two mentioned above are the best combination, but you can also mix alchemy with herbalism or enchanting and alchemy. Some players like to try mining as a secondary profession since you can use the items you get, but this does take extra time away from your game.

If you want to make money, making potions is probably the best way to go about this as a Shaman. These are usually in high demand and you can always use them on yourself. It’s a good idea to devote a good chunk of your time to mastering your professions as a Shaman. You’ll be able to increase in skill and create more powerful spells and potions that will earn you more money and more acclaim. 

While it can be useful to pick a tailoring profession, due to the fact that you can make your own armor, most players prefer just to purchase their own when necessary. You can only use leather armor until you get to Level 40 anyway and this is not terribly expensive. Many quests along the way also carry pieces of armor as rewards so it’s best to focus on professions that will work as a revenue stream and to give you more skills for your group.

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