World of Warcraft First Aid Guide

Ultimate WoW GuideFirst aid cannot be overlooked by any player. No matter how good you are, chances are that you are going to sustain some type of damage to your character at one time or another. If you don’t know first aid, you’re going to have a much harder time recovering after a battle. Here are some tips on how to quickly and effectively perform first aid not only on yourself but on other characters as well.

Your first aid skill is considered a secondary skill, which means that you can combine it with any other profession. It’s probably the best secondary skill you can learn and can really come in handy. Here’s how to get started.

First, there are two main components or items that you will need. Bandages or anti-venoms are required for all first aid skills. When you first get started, you’ll get rudimentary bandages, but you will need to find anti-venom or complete quests to get that particular item. There are numerous kinds of anti-venom that are incredibly useful and different situations will call for different types of this item.

This is a skill that players can start right off the bat at level one. Granted, you won’t have the best bandages yet, since they will only be available once you advance in skill, but they are better than nothing. Start out by getting your apprenticeship from a trainer. You can always go back to learn more, but this will get you started.

Now, you will need to purchase the Expert First Aid – Under Wraps item. If you are a member of the Alliance, this can be found in the Arathi Highlands. Horde players can find theirs in Dustwallow Marsh. Once you purchase this item, you will be able to progress past skill level 150. Your goal is to get to 375, so by this point, you’re well on your way.

Once you’ve worked your way up to level 225, you’ll need to complete the Triage Quest which will quickly bump you up to 300. Keep in mind that once you reach 240 you can go back to your trainer to learn advanced bandage wrapping to quickly move up in skill.

Anti-venoms are available as you progress in skill. At level 80, you’ll be able to get your first one from your trainer. This costs about 1 silver piece and 50 coppers, depending on where you get it. After you hit level 130, you’ll be able to purchase the strong anti-venom which usually retails for about 2 silvers and 50 coppers.


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