World of Warcraft Hunter Guide

The Ultimate World Of Warcraft GuideOut of all the classes in World of Warcraft, the Hunter is by far the most versatile. Between the available talent builds, the pet options and their sheer prowess, it’s hard to go wrong with this class. If you are considered playing this class with your character, here is a comprehensive guide to success with the World of Warcraft Hunter.

Starting Out

One of the main keys to success in this class is making sure that your character is right for the job. You’ll need to look at your own personal strengths and make sure that they are a good fit with the abilities of a hunter. Although the name tends to conjure up images of tracking down and shooting animals, the hunter class is much more than that. They have definite strengths and weaknesses that can make playing this class a little tricky.

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What a hunter excels at: Ranged warfare, including the use of bows, guns or crossbows. They are incredibly effective at dispatching their enemies with these means. Their tracking abilities are very strong and they are also very good at surviving. The use of pets for this class means that the pet can absorb much of the damage from an attack, leaving you with more time to play.

What they don’t excel at: Melee fighting is the most problematic for the hunter class. The class isn’t eligible for armor until you reach level 40, so this can be quite an issue in the early levels.

Now that you know what a hunter can and cannot do, you can begin to craft your strategy for dealing with enemies. Remember, the further off you are from danger, the better your chances of victory will be. It is very important to invest in a pet as a hunter since they can take up the slack when it comes to melee fighting. While they are getting up close and personal, the hunter can stay back and deal out damage from afar.

Picking a Profession for Your Hunter

Now that you’ve decided to play this class, you’re going to need to pick a profession that meshes well with a hunter’s innate abilities. Your best bet is going to be the combination of skinning and leatherworking since this will allow you to make your own armor. However, another great combination is mining and skinning since this will allow you to make enough money to quickly purchase additional armor and weapons.

The professions that really don’t mesh well with a hunter are alchemy, tailoring or enchanting. While they are incredibly useful for other classes, there just isn’t much that will benefit a hunter from these professions. A middle of the road profession that can be very useful is herbalism, since you can use this to make your own healing potions. This is very helpful until you can get a pet to assist you with melee fighting.

The Weapons

As we mentioned previously, the hunter excels at ranged warfare. You’re going to want to concentrate on bows and crossbows, or if you have the skill, guns as well. When you first start out, you’ll get a pretty basic bow, but you can purchase a more effective one as you progressive through the levels that will earn you more skill and help you become more accurate. There are also many ranged weapons that you can earn as you complete quests.

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