WoW Addicts Review

WoW Addicts

Reviewer: Brian Benson
Website Reviewed:  WoW Addicts Website

Here is my detailed review of WoW Addicts, does it live up to the hype? Find out below...

I am the typical kind of guy who is off to work by 7AM and is already at home by 6PM. After eating my dinner and playing a bit with my kids, my favorite past time is playing World of Warcraft.

I am not actually a buff but I consider my play time a “quality time” for myself. However, I am enjoying it less as days pass by since it is over a month now and I feel that I am not getting far from where I started. I am still at level 6 and my character has been scouring back and forth the zones.

As I read on forums, which is the most that I can do since I am still a dupe to contribute anything, I’ve stumbled on this new guide WoW Addict Guide. I told myself that it will be a totally amazing guide, to help me advance to level 70 in that short time. Anyway, it’s a small price to pay for a guide which will restore my excitement in gaming every night I go home.

I decided to start my quest again with the same character but I make sure I follow the guide. After a day of playing, I already reached the same level that I was last time, imagine that. I was expecting that I level up fast but not that FAST!

What I love on the initial part is WoW Addict Guide won’t dictate on you the specific characters you should be playing. You have the total freedom to be what you are and what class you would like to belong. I was specifically thrilled on his “How To Find and Get Into A Good Guild”. I was trying to find discussions about this before and I only found the most useful sites here. It will also teach you how to convince and apply on these reputable guilds.

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Here are the other parts of the guide with brief infos on what’s on them:

1. Interface Options detailed on the WoW Addict Guide. - These are the controls that you should tick on or off before your quest or even if you are in the middle of the game. I did not know that the Controls and Settings will make a big difference on your gaming speed. I said I am already following the guide, why not follow the author’s opinions on the Interface Options itself. I did not even notice that there are buttons such as Instant Quest Text and the Auto Join Guild Recruitment Channel until I’ve read this guide.

2. UI Add-ons or User Interface – it will provide you the links where you can get the most important add-ons or the talents of characters or even equipments which you can add through installing these pre-programmed abilities

3. Speed Tips – These are important pointers on every aspect ( from using pets, strategic drinking/eating to questing vs grinding and strategic resting periods ) that you will definitely need to increase your leveling. I don’t remember reading any of these hints on forums. They are totally original.

4. Trading 101 – This portion discusses on how you will breeze through trading. Trading skill is really not for everyone, but you will get very handy advices on this part.

5. The 200-300 Gold Area – The author’s personal choice and my favorite too. This part spots the exact location where you will be able to gain 300golds per hour! It will be your favorite part too.

6. The Step by Step Guide to Level 1-70. – I can tell you that it is a very straightforward guide. Each step will tell you the exact location where you should go, the character you should talk to and the actions you should take. All of these are enumerated and linked online for you to view the maps, characters and what you should be expecting when you do the actions on the guide.

After a maximum of 200 steps only, you are on level 70! I tell you, you won’t even notice you are already on line 100 as you will be absorbed on playing already as what happened to me.

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