World of Warcraft Cooking Guide

How to Make Money Cooking

Ultimate WoW GuideAlthough cooking can seem like a generally useless skill, it’s what you cook that makes a difference. You will need to focus on foods that carry Buff points. Other players need this food to increase their health and energy points, so once you have mastered the skill you can start making these items and then selling them in the auction house.

For some of the better recipes, you will also need to master fishing, but we’ll focus on the ones that you can do without having to learn this skill in addition. Mok’Nathal shortribs are very popular and will quickly restore a player’s health. These can earn 1 gold piece for each set, so you can quickly make a lot of gold once they’re cooked. Here’s how to do it fast. Go to the Blade’s Edge Mountains and look for the Raptors. Although they usually just drop leather, a few will drop the necessary item for the shortribs. Pick these up and keep grinding away. It’s pretty easy to earn around 33 gold pieces an hour if you really focus.

Warp Burgers are also very expensive and sell for about 1 gold piece each. To get the ingredients for these, you’ll need to go to Terrokar Forest and kill Warp Hunters. These are pretty easy to kill and they frequently drop Warped Meat. It’s very easy to make 50 gold pieces an hour using this tip.

It’s also a good idea to pay attention to the seasons in the game. For example, during Christmas, there are quests that will require players to have Egg Nog. If you’re paying attention, you can easily sell Egg Nog for at least one gold piece each and if players are really desperate, you can easily make more money. For this recipe, you will need one small egg, one cold milk, holiday liquor and holiday spices. These can all be purchased for a nominal sum from a reagent.

Other Ways to Make Money with Cooking

If you prefer not to grind or you don’t have enough time, it’s easy enough to purchase what you need from Reagents in the game. While this does require some extra cash and your profit margin is smaller, many players prefer to take this route simply because it is quicker.

Daily Cooking Quests

These are newer quests that were introduced recently into the game. They can be a lot of fun, but you’ll need to have a cooking skill of at least 275 to take part in most of them. The good news is that the rewards are quite high. Some quests will award you a barrel of fish or an entire crate of meat, so you can easily start cooking these items to increase your profit margin. You’ll also get more recipes by completing these quests, so it’s a good idea to try at least a few.
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