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Ultimate WoW GuideAdvancing Your Skills

The main goal is to get to a skill level of 375. While it’s pretty easy to move up quickly past 60, it does get a little harder after that point. Once you reach 300, it is incredibly difficult to keep moving up. However, as you increase your skills, you’ll be able to create enchanted items that are worth more money.

In order to get to 300 you’ve got to start at the beginning. For your first level, you’re going to need a runed copper rod. You can make this on your own with the following components: One copper rod (purchased from a blacksmith), one strange dust and one lesser magic essence. Once you have all of these items, open your spellbook and click on enchant. Follow the recipe directions to make your runed copper rod.

To quickly move up to a skill level of 50 all you have to do is disenchant all of the green items you have already found. Keep in mind you won’t be able to use them again, but the materials you do get from them will be well worth it. You’ll also need to follow the directions above to make your first bracer. You can keep doing this until you get to a skill level of 60. Since you’re not likely to find anyone that wants to buy one of your beginning bracers, hang on to it. You can keep enchanting it until you get to a skill level of 70.

You’ll continue with the bracers, adding stamina and agility, but to get to level 100, you’re going to need to create a runed silver rod. For this, you’ll need 1 silver rod (purchased from a blacksmith), 6 strange dust, 1 shadowgerm and 3 greater magic essence. Again, follow the directions in your spellbook. This rod will be used for all of your future enchantments, so this is very important.

As you keep getting more points, you’ll be able to enchant more items and impart more abilities to them. Keep going and follow the directions of your trainer. To get to level 150, you’ll need to make a runed gold rod. For this, get 1 gold rod from the blacksmith and use 2 soul dust, 2 greater astral essence and 1 iridescent pearl. You’ll also need to make two more rods before you can reach a skill level of 300. The last one, the Runed Arcanite Rod is made with 1 arcanite rod, 1 golden pearl, 10 illusion dust, 4 small brilliant shards and 2 large brilliant shards.

It’s up to you to continue onto 375 from this point, but keep in mind that it won’t be easy. But, with patience, you’ll be able to make enchanted cloaks, chests, gloves, rings and many other items that all have a very high value in the auction house. The Runed Eternium Rod is incredibly useful and you can make this with one eternium rod, 12 greater planar essence, 4 primal might, 1 runed adamite rod, and 2 void crystals. This rod is incredibly rare and commands a very high price. Just remember, the more skill you have, the more gold you can make off of the items you enchant.


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