World of Warcraft Leveling Guide

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Level Eleven - Jasperlode Mine

Outside of the mine, you will need to look for a half eaten body. It’s necessary to pick this item up, you’ll need it later. Keep going just a little bit further until you find another body and take that as well.

After this, you’ll need to find the Eastvale Logging Camp. While you’re there, be on the lookout for any wolves in the area. Kill as many as you can. Don’t forget to take the Bundle of Wood. You can find several under the trees in the area.

Once out of this area you will run into Defias Rogue Wizards. Start grinding them and make sure that you pick up at least eight Red Linen Bandanas while you’re at it.

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Level Twelve - Stonefield Farm

Special note - when you turn in your quests - do not take the follow up quest!

Look for Gnolls. Start grinding them until you have collected eight Painted Gnoll Armbands. Keep grinding until the Hogger appears and then kill him.

Level Thirteen - Westfall

When you first arrive in this level, find the Sack of Oats. You may need to look hard, but it can usually be found in a farm.

Level Fourteen - Stormwind

When you’re on the beach, look for the Pygmy Tide Crawler. Grind them until you pick up 6 Crawler Legs. Keep an eye out for a Murloc Eye since you’ll definitely need one later on.

Look for the Vile Sprites. When you find them, grind them until you pick up 8 Greli earrings.

Look for the Deth’Ryll Satyr and kill it. Pick up the Ancient Moonstone Seal.

Level Fifteen - Forest

You will need to use your trap to catch a Rabid Thistle Bear before you can continue.

Special Bonus - go to (41,31) and look for Murlocs. Grind them until you have 3 Murloc Eyes.

Level Seventeen - Sentinel Hill

While you’re here, don’t miss the Harvest Watchers. You will need to grind them and pick up the Okra and Oil that they drop. These are definitely useful later on.

Strategy Tips

Now that you know which items you need to look out for and which creatures to grind, it should be very easy for you to advance quickly from level 1 to level 30. If you’re completely new to role playing games, it may take a bit longer, but don’t get discouraged. While you can use different tools that will help it go faster, it’s always a good idea to at least try to do it on your own at first so that you can learn more about the game itself. While it’s fun to quickly blow through the levels, they are important since you are learning valuable skills and finding items that you’ll need later. Always take the time to search these items out since some quests cannot be retaken at a later time.

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