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The Ultimate World Of Warcraft GuideAs a hunter, you’ll be tracking and trapping your enemies. It is a good idea to spend some extra time learning this skills and increasing your experience points. Your first quest in level two, Tracking Beasts, is a great place to get the basics down. For traps, you will need to spend your mana to get them, but they don’t cost actual money. We recommend using these if someone is chasing you. One of the most effective traps is the Immolation Trap which will set an enemy on fire once they hit it. Just drop the trap as you are running and they will blunder into it.

Choosing a Pet

Pets are essential for the WoW hunter class. You’ll need to make your choice very carefully and make sure that the beast you select is indeed tameable before you approach it. Here’s how to get started.

Once you reach level 10, you’ll be eligible for your first pet. You will need to find a trainer to teach you the basic skills of taming a beast. These trainers can be found in most large cities. You’ll need to complete three quests to earn skills in Taming, Calling and Dismissing. For each quest, you will be assigned a beast to tame. After you’ve completed your training, you’re on the way to finding and taming your own pet.

There are numerous different species of beasts in this game, but not all are tameable. You’ll need to select a beast from the following species:

Nether Rays 
Carrion Birds 
Warp Stalkers
Wind Serpents

Cats are a very popular option for hunters, as are bears.

Once you’ve located your beast and tamed them, you will notice that their skills change a bit. Pets have numerous active and passive skills that will come in handy as you go up against your enemies in the game.

Keep in mind that just like a real pet, you will need to feed your pet to keep it happy and loyal to you. This will earn you loyalty points from your pet. The more you feed it, the happier it will be with you and you will need to feed it less to keep it with you over time. The pet’s overall happiness with you will also affect how good they are at dealing out damage to your enemies. It’s in your best interests to keep you pets happy and well fed.

Putting it All Together

By now, you’ve learned which professions to undertake, which weapons you need to have and how to keep a pet. Now, you’ll be able to put all of these together and start leveling up. Keep in mind that as you level up, your pet will also increase in skill. In order to level up, you’ve got to keep your mana levels up. This means using your pet effectively in battle situations and making the most out of ranged warfare. Earn and use your autoshot ability to get the best results and stay out of danger. When you put everything together, the hunter class is probably the easiest class to level quickly.

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