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Skills of the Mage continued...

The spells involving fire are best used on enemies, particularly in a bad situation. They work well from a distance and can deliver a powerful first attack. Frost spells are known as area of affect spells and are good for freezing an enemy when they are too close to you. Arcane spells are useful for more mundane needs, such as traveling, healing, crowd control or buffing other players.

Recommended WoW GuidePossibly the most useful thing that a mage can do is summon sustenance. Groups love mages for this purpose since there are times when you do need to eat and drink in this game. It is very helpful to have someone around that can bring these necessary items to the group in a pinch. Just remember, if you summon up either food or water but don’t use it, it will not be there after you logout. If you’re going to summon it, make sure you need it and will use it before you end your game for the day.

The talents of the mage also center around the three spell groups mentioned above. You’ll want to use a talent calculator in order to determine which set of talents will be best suited to your particular needs and playing style. These can vary greatly and can make quite a difference when it comes to how well you play the game.

One important spell that should be mentioned is the Polymorph spell. This is a talent only a mage can have and it can actually be very effective at stunning your enemies. However, you will need to keep in mind that while they are stunned, their HP is actually going up. You’re going to want to deal with them as quickly as possible unless you want the tables turned on your character. This will usually only work on beasts and humanoids in the game.

Putting it All Together as a Mage

Although the mage may be called frail and useless, when it comes to several situations in this game they are actually the most powerful class. They are capable of dealing incredible damage in a very short amount of time. There is always a tradeoff when it comes to picking races in WoW, and although this class may not be the strongest, there is still a place for them. When it comes to playing in PvP, a mage can usually outlast several other stronger classes, against all odds.

As you progress through the levels, you will have a chance to earn better weapons such as daggers and a one handed sword. It’s important to take advantage of these even though your spells will be your primary weapon. They can come in handy in close situations when you don’t have a chance to cast a spell or if you are suddenly ambushed.

The mage is actually a vital player in the endgame and groups should have at least one if they want to successfully finish the game. Their abilities to polymorph and summon food and drink will come into play at this stage. The crowd control ability is also very useful in the endgame scenario.

The secret to winning with a mage is working within its limitations and focusing on its strengths. Learn spells and skills that suit the class and worry about professions that make more money later in the game.

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