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Ultimate WoW GuidePicking a Profession

Since the Paladin is such a versatile class, you are pretty much wide open when it comes to picking a good profession. Commonly, players will select herbalism, alchemy or enchanting since they do mesh so well with the class abilities. However, it is a good idea to mix this up a bit by choosing a secondary profession such as blacksmithing or mining to increase your income potential.

Leatherworking or skinning can be avoided if you choose simply because you really don’t have much need for them. However, if you are planning on using your Paladin to grind for gold in certain locations, the skinning profession can be a great secondary profession to have.

Fishing is becoming a more popular profession for Paladins, since it can be a very lucrative way to get more gold. It does take a lot of time however, so keep this in mind if you prefer to spend your time questing instead of working on your profession.

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The Skills of the Paladin

We’ve already mentioned briefly what Paladins can do in a group setting, but it is important to understand how each of these three abilities can be used. The Paladin is a vital class for any group to have simply because of these three abilities.

Tanking - This is the process of taking damage on yourself to protect other players. In other classes, players will use their pets to tank for them, especially if they are better at ranged combat as opposed to melee fighting. A Paladin can tank several enemies at once, with the use of special spells and skills, making them incredibly useful in a bad situation. This kind of support is vital as you get into the more difficult levels.

Healing - Paladins have the ability to heal themselves, members of their own group and other players. This really comes in handy and is one of the main reasons that Paladins are so sought after. This is a vital skill for the endgame, so pay special attention to the spells connected with this ability.

Damage - Due to their retribution tree, the Paladin is able to increase the amount of damage that they can inflict on their enemies. Again, this is a very important skill for the end game and can be mastered along the way.

Putting it Together

When you put all of the skills and abilities together, it is easy to see why so many players want to be a Paladin. It’s always nice to be an asset to your group and this class really gives you that option. There really cannot be too many Paladins in any one group, particularly since they can each use a different aura or blessing to enhance the group as a whole.

With their flexibility when it comes to fighting, the abilities in their professions and the fact that they get upgraded armor, this is really the perfect class for players that are just starting out in this game. You’ll have a lot more power to handle what the game has to throw at you and it can prepare you to tackle other classes once you’ve mastered this one.
Overall, the Paladin is a class that is incredibly important to the way this game is played.

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