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The Shaman class is the only class that can make use of totems. These are rewarded for finishing specific quests and are assigned by elements. You can have one totem for each element at any one time. These totems can be used in a variety of different ways. For example, the Earth Totem is used to help defend the character or members of its group. The Water Totem is mainly used for restoration while the Fire Totem is used for battle. It is incredibly effective against enemies and easy to use. The Air Totem can be used for defensive capabilities and is awarded only at the high levels of the game.

It is important to note that once you drop a totem, it cannot be picked up again. Use them with care since they are vital to your success in this class. The picture above depicts a troll shaman who has all four types of elementals. As you can see, each one is surrounding by the element that it belongs to.

Getting to Higher Levels with the Shaman Class

The key to getting to the higher levels with this class is using intelligent warfare. You won’t have the kind of melee skills or battle skills that will make you a world class warrior. It is important to accept the Shaman for what it is – a class that focuses more on brain power and spells to achieve its objectives. If you go in with the right attitude and the right expectations, this can be a very fun class to play.

The use of totems is vital to your success. They are the key to beating your enemies, especially as you progress to higher levels. Your group is going to be able to benefit from many of them and since the Shaman is the only class that can use a totem, smart groups always have at least one Shaman.

You can look at this class as a great challenge to see how well you can do in a game that is centered around high powered fighting and spell casting when you don’t have the same kind of abilities. Playing as a Shaman can actually make your game better since you are forced to find new ways to accomplish the same means. By taking the time to do this, you’re learning more about the game and you’re figuring out ways to excel, even when the cards are stacked against you.  A lot of players like to come back and give this class a shot, simply to see how far they can go with one.


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