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Dealing with Pets

Pets are absolutely essential for the Warlock. Your first pet is an imp since Warlocks use demons as pets. Unfortunately, your first imp is pretty useless, but once you get past the tenth level, you can upgrade to a better pet that will have more skills and will be able to deal out more damage.

The Voidwalker is the probably the most common pet for a Warlock since they are very good at taking damage. You’ll get this one early on in the game but a lot of players prefer to keep them around, simply because they are so useful. Later on, you’ll be dealing with the Succubus, Fellhunter, Fellguard and the Infernal. Most will take at least one soul shard to purchase, and you won’t be able to get them until you reach specific levels. In order to get an Infernal, you’ll need to find an Infernal Stone, so keep an eye out for this as you approach level 50.

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Earning Money

The Warlock will need to use some different techniques to get gold in this game. Unlike other characters that can simply go grind a mob, your best bet is to focus on your profession. Players will always need healing potions and enchanted objects and you can do quite well once you get enough skill to start making the items that are quite rare.

Putting it All Together

Now you that you know how to make money, how to use a pet and what skills your Warlock will excel at you’re ready to get out there and start playing. It is important to note that your strategy is key to your success. Remember, the Warlock needs to combine the use of long distance warfare with a pet for the best results. The pet will absorb the damage and you can stay back out of the fray.

Learning spells is crucial to your success as well. There are three main types of spells that you will be dealing with. The first type is called Affliction. These are the spells that will affect your enemies health and continue to affect them over time. This type of spell is very effective and very hard for your enemy to break.

The second type is known as a Demonology Spell. This requires you to learn the Ritual of Summoning as well as other skills. Again, this is very effective in long range warfare and can completely disable your enemies.

The last type is called Destruction. You will need to get a little more involved in warfare to use this spell, but as the name implies, it is quite effective. As you progress in skill level and experience, you will have the ability to learn new spells that are more powerful. By the time you get to your end game, you should be incredibly well equipped to handle anything.

Even though the Warlock may not be a mighty warrior in the physical sense, they are a formidable class that can deal out plenty of death and destruction when played correctly. Take your time learning spells and enhancing your skills and you will be able to make a character that becomes legendary in this game.

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